Raccoon Creek Farms


Growing food and community together

We strive to grow the best tasting, most nutritious produce possible and to be an active member in the community while promoting sustainable food production.


We operate a 4,000 sq. ft. year round greenhouse on our farm which is located in beautiful Granville, Ohio.  Its acreage runs along a community bike path and the rambling waters of Raccoon Creek.  With close proximity to Columbus, our farm is able to serve both Licking and Franklin county with fresh, high quality produce. 


our services


Greenhouse Grown

  • Year round, local supply

  • Practice highest standards of food safety

  • Premium quality and pesticide free

  • Technologically advanced environmental controls


What We Grow

  • Specialty greens & herbs

  • Head lettuce

  • Microgreens


Let Us Grow for You

  • Deliver day of harvest in a refrigerated produce van

  • Grow to your schedule based on your needs

  • Can source and grow seeds for special requests


Basil By The Crate


Wholesale pricing on basil by the crate. Each crate contains 16-20 living Genovese Basil plants with attached rootball. This culinary favorite will be harvested and delivered the same day in our temperature controlled produce van to ensure the freshest crop possible.

Pricing: $30 per crate (collapsable crate)

Quantity: 16-20 plants per crate depending on size

Weight: Approximately 4 pounds



Our Sustainability Practices



Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions. Nutrients are delivered to the plant in irrigation water eliminating the need for soil.  Water is re-circulated and none is wasted.


We essentially use less space to grow more, while protecting precious soil resources and never use genetically modified seeds.


We understand that water is an invaluable resource.  Recirculating hydroponics is the most water-efficient form of agriculture in the world. Our advanced irrigation system uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture.


We have carefully designed our year-round greenhouses to reduce energy demand. A passive solar design along with sophisticated computer control systems ensure that climate control equipment operates efficiently to reduce resource consumption. Our facility incorporates several advanced thermal design features that substantially reduce heating and fossil fuel use.


Our produce is free of any chemical pesticides or herbicides.  We implement a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) in our greenhouse.  Our program employs a multi-faceted approach including stringent preventative and monitoring techniques and biological controls.  Beneficial insects are the primary method of prevention and control of harmful pesticides.



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